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If you have excess or unused IPv4 blocks, please contact us and we can help you achieve maximum value for your IPv4 assets, including assisting with any renumbering, utilization plans and projected use cases for IPv4 and IPv6 over the next 24-36 months.

ARIN 8.3 Transfer Summary — IP Sale and Transfer Process 

Below is a summary of the typical steps in the transfer process for an ARIN to ARIN IPv4 transfer. This process typically takes two weeks to complete, assuming all parties are promptly responding to tickets or requests for information from ARIN:

  • Buyer must have obtained pre-approval from ARIN to receive the proposed IPv4 allocation
  • Buyer reviews the proposed IPv4 subnets for transfer 
  • Buyer and Seller review the draft Transfer Agreement
  • Buyer and Sell sign final agreed form of Transfer Agreement
  • Engage escrow agent to hold funds pending the closing and WHOIS update to reflect Buyer’s ORG-ID 
  • Buyer funds escrow account with the total purchase price for the IPv4 block
  • Escrow Agent confirms receipt of funds to Seller
  • Seller initiated the transfer of the IPv4 block through the ARIN online portal to Buyer’s ORG-ID and includes Buyer’s pre-approval ticket number in its ticket submission
  • Buyer also submits a ticket via ARIN’s online portal and include Seller’s transfer ticket number, ORG-ID of Seller and IP range in its ticket
  • ARIN issues preliminary approval of the transfer, subject to a receiving a notarized affidavit of sale from an authorized signatory of Seller. Seller submits notarized affidavit to ARIN via the online portal
  • ARIN approves the transfer via ticket confirmation in the online portal and WHOIS is updated to reflect Buyer as the registered holder of the IPv4 block
  • Seller notifies the Escrow Agent that the transfer has been completed and request to release funds from escrow. Escrow Agent verifies that transfer has completed via WHOIS look-up
  • The Escrow Agent releases the purchase price via wire to Seller
  • Transaction closed

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